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Fees for psychological services can be quite high. At Talk it over the counselling fees are kept at a level that gives everyone a fair go.

As a counsellor I have to make a living and have the expenses of running a practice, wich includes room hire, insurances, ongoing professional development and supervision expenses, office expenses and so on. On the other hand, for you balancing the budget may also be a challenge, especially when emotional and mental health issues present themselves. I want to keep fees as affordable as possible, especially for those who need it most. Fees can always be discussed if you need to.

Unfortunately counsellors can not (yet) provide services under the Medicare rebate scheme, however counsellors' fees are significantly lower than the recommended psychologists' fees so in the end you often still get a better deal at Talk it over for the expert services provided.

Some people donate money to Talk it over, so people who can't afford to pay the full fee for counselling sessions (eg because mental health issues make it impossible for them to work) can still receive the help they need. If you are interested in helping in this way, please click here.

Currently the fee for a 1 hour* session is $160.00.
For sessions starting between 1pm and 4pm there is a discount of $20, reducing the fee to $140.

If you experience financial hardship a lower fee can be negotiated if funds are available from donations.

*A 1 hour session can range from 46 to 60 minutes according to current psychology standards. The fee will increase pro rata if a session goes longer than 60 minutes.

Payments can be made in four ways:

Click on one of the links above to select an option.

Please email or SMS me when you have made a pre-payment (last two options).

NOTE that the first two payment options may not be available for clients who have failed to attend sessions, not giving 24hrs notice, or who have defaulted on payments.

Please ensure you have sufficient funds in your account when paying by other means than cash or I may have to pass on bank fees to you.

Skype sessions and telephone sessions can only be paid by direct debit or Paypal.

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