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Storytelling can be a very powerful and meaningful medium to connect to what is happening in the unconscious mind. Stories use symbols for what is really going on with issues that are often hard to talk about.

As a therapist I sometimes use stories to facilitate working with people's fears and desires, disappointments and traumas, hopes and dreams, and to find a way forward where there is stuckness. Stories can highlight clients' values and beliefs and what adds meaning to their lives.

I write stories myself sometimes that tap into themes that arise during counselling sessions or my own life experience. Click on the links below to read some of them.

Please note that these stories are pretty harmless in themselves, however they can trigger stuff within, so make sure you have people you can talk with just in case. In Australia you can ring Lifeline on 131114 if you need to talk with someone 24/7.

Micah and the two bears
How the sky turned warm and orange
The zoo
My Long Necked Giraffie

These stories are protected by copyright. For permission to reprint, please contact me - click here for contact information.

Have you ever thought about writing stories yourself and sharing them with people you can trust in your life? Why not give it a go?

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