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I like living life abundantly and I desire the same for you. I know from experience that sometimes people can get awfully stuck, but that often with the help of others they can find new ways out.

I am a trained counsellor at Masters level and a community welfare and pastoral worker with wide experience in helping people from many different backgrounds.

I practice as a generalist and clinical counsellor. I deal with problems involving anger, fear and other emotions, decision making, life changes, relationships, relationship violence and abuse, marriage, marriage preparation, break ups, separation and divorce, family issues, addictions - including gambling and pornography, grief and loss, trauma, child protection, anxieties, depression, suicidal thoughts and more. I work in a strength based approach, steering the focus away from blame, problems and hopelessness where appropriate.

I also offer supervision to counselling professionals.

I have done pastoral and cross cultural training as well as the integration of psychology and theology and am therefore well equipped to include spirituality in the psychological restoration process if you so desire.

Besides English, I speak Dutch fluently and have also worked with the profoundly deaf through interpretation. I am comfortable working cross culturally.

I have a quite varied background, which has helped me experience life from many different angles and understand people and the problems they face.

I am originally from Holland, where I did Electrical engineering, specializing in electronics and computers. I migrated when 24, to New Zealand, and spent a year in the isolation of the continent of Antarctica.

I came to Australia to study religions and cultural diversity and worked as an assistant pastor, lay pastoral worker and missionary in Australia, Indonesia, Ghana and the Philippines.

After that I completed a Diploma Community Services Welfare (2003) and a Masters in Counselling (2005) and have been working in community development and counselling since.

I work from a non-blame, strength based perspective and use various counselling modalities as needed, including Psychodynamic, EMDR, Gestalt, Emotionally Focused, Narrative, Solution Focused, CBT and Art and Play and other creative therapies.

I am a Clinical member with the Counsellors and Psychotherapists Association of New South Wales (CAPA) am PACFA registered and am on the ARCAP register.

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