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Micah and the two bears is a story that suggests that something that is usually unacceptable can have its good sides. It talks about acceptance and about enjoying something that is a bit odd or people who are different instead of getting annoyed or upset. It talks about the importance of this kind of acceptance to relationships. It of course also talks about everything else that you, the reader, get out of it. After all, stories are symbols that come to life in the reader's mind.

Micah and the two bears.

... Once upon a time there were two little bears who liked to play the drums. They lived in a far far away forest, where nobody minded how loud you played. "The louder the better", they said. They loved noise, because the noisier you were the more you could enjoy yourself. And nobody minded other people's noise because they said that if making noise made people happy then the best way for everybody to be happy was for everybody to make lots of noise. What a noisy place that was!

The elephants stomped their legs as loud as they could, "thud, thud", and trumpeted all day long, "tarattattatoooootooooot". The lions roared, "roaaaaaar", the bears growled, "grrrrrr", the dogs barked, "woof woof". The gorilla's had found an old piano and twelve of them were playing as many notes as they could at the same time, "ding, dang, bling, blong, clang!" And then there were the two little bears who liked to play the drums, "boom, dash, dash, ching."

The good thing of all the noise was that it made the ground shake so much that people had never dared to go into that forest. And so the animals who lived there were completely safe from hunters and other dangerous people things, such as fires and cars and poisons and plastic bags.

But then one day there was a boy called Micah. He went on holidays with his parents and his sister to a place not far from the forest. At night they heard all the noise wafting along on the wind. They couldn't hear it very clearly because the forest was still a little way away.

First they thought there must be fireworks, but when the noise kept going they thought maybe it was a thunder storm. But when it kept going all night long, they thought maybe it was a factory. What do you think the noise might have been?

Every time they thought of another answer, Micah said, "dum, dum", so they thought he knew the answer to what the noise was and that maybe they were a bit dumb in working it out.

The next morning they went out exploring and as they got closer, Micah kept saying, "dum, dum." Finally they got there.

When the animals saw Micah and his family, they got the shock of their lives. They had never seen people and they were really scared. They hid away and didn't know what to do. Suddenly it was all the way quiet.

But then Micah saw the drums in the clearing in the forest. His eyes lit up and he said, ..... "dum, dum!" Then he ran to the drums and started playing them as loud as he could.

When the animals saw that Micah was happy -- because he was playing so loud -- they all relaxed and started laughing and everyone went back to their instruments and made even more noise than ever before.

The two little bears didn't mind that Micah was using their drums, because that way they could have a little rest for a bit and still listen to the beautiful noise of their drumset. Then mother bear and father bear made everybody cups of tea with a piece of cake, and so everybody lived happily ever after.

©2007 Ralph Holwerda

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